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Novice Learning

In the world of trading, effective strategies make traders look smart, but exceptional strategies make investors feel smart. This bundle will guide you through mastering this crucial skill. In the era of digital finance, understanding trading strategies is essential to position yourself or your clients for success.

01 Course
01 Live Trading Session

24x5 Assistance

Novice Mastery Certificate

Pricing Rs 10000 to Rs 50000

Apprentice Learning

In the realm of trading, success thrives because of the participation of individuals. To cement your presence, mastering certain skills is essential. This bundle will guide you in learning and implementing strategies to craft your or your client's trading persona into a brand that accelerates your professional growth.

02 Course
02 Live Trading Session

24x5 Assistance

Apprentice Mastery Certificate

Pricing Rs 60000 to Rs 100000

Veteran Learning

In the trading arena, the constant flow of digital data is relentless, but what truly matters is the consumption of your insights. That's where digital traffic management becomes crucial. This bundle equips you with a comprehensive toolkit of techniques and strategies, enabling you to efficiently manage and redirect traffic towards your trading brand, optimizing conversions to their fullest potential.

Multiple Course
Multiple Live Trading Session

24x5 Assistance

Veteran Mastery Certificate

Pricing Rs 110000 and above

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex trading, or FX trading, involves buying and selling different currencies with the aim of making a profit. At its core, forex trading is about capturing the changing values of pairs of currencies. For example, if you think the Euro will increase in value against the U.S. Dollar, a speculator might buy Euros with Dollars. If the Euro's value rises on a relative basis (the EUR/USD rate), you can sell your Euros back for more Dollars than you initially spent, thus making a profit.

Trade the world’s most popular markets

Small Cap is an world wide Forex Trader offers tailored made trading services to clients from the startups to large business house around the globe. We provide best quality, our superior order execution, IT and server performance as well as dedicated support services are the key features of our services. The multiplicities of our trading products are always met of every trader's needs. Small Cap sets high standards to its services because quality is just as decisive for us as for our clients. Our mission is to keep pace with global market demands and approach our clients' investment goals with an open mind.


Trade 40+ major, minor, and exotic currency pairs


-Over 50 tools , -Execution from 10 ms


Trade the most covered & highest-profile asset classes


Trade metals including Gold and Silver


Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others


Trade Brent Crude Oil, WTI, Natural Gas and Coal

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